Music Monday… Doing the iPod Shuffle.

Nothing gets my week going like putting headphones in and turning the music up!

iPod and headphones

Normally I would choose from one of my meticulously curated playlists. Selecting just the right soundtrack to suit my mood or the days activities. But this morning I woke up feeling rather unsure of… everything. So I decided to just put the iPod on shuffle, turn up the volume and see where the music took me.

Here are the first ten songs that played…

  • Uma Thurman – Fall Out Boy
  • Shake Senora – Pitbull
  • Lips Are Movin – Meghan Trainor
  • How I Feel – Flo Rida
  • Pompeii – Bastille
  • Pages – 3 Doors Down
  • Some Nights – Fun.
  • OctaHate – Ryn Weaver
  • Firebird’s Child – S.J. Tucker
  • You’re So Beautiful – Jussie Smollett & Yazz (Empire Cast)


I may be unsure of what this week has in store for me, but so far, I’d say my week is starting off on a pretty good note.

So tell me, what song/songs are getting your week started??


Color me happy… Challenge Post #6

Post #6 The last thing you bought online.

 There is nothing like walking out to the mailbox and finding a little something more than just the typical bill or random piece of junk mail to brighten an otherwise crappy day. Especially when that something is last week’s random, late night, impulse buy from eBay.

I am off to color my way to calm. But first I just have to ask… What’s the last thing you bought online??

XoX, m.

Favorite Blog Reads… Challenge Post #5

Post #5 Five favorite blogs to read.

In no particular order…

Whether you are looking for a laugh, inspiration, help, an escape or even to make a connection. Blogs are a great place to start! So tell me what are some of your favorite blogs to read? Leave me a comment and let me know. I’m always in the market for some new reads.


XoX. m.

Happy Fourth of July!… Challenge Post #4

Day #4 Patriotic. Independence.

The neighbors have been drinking and setting shit on fire since about 10 a.m.

The cat is in the closet, whining and probably plotting my demise.

This can only mean one thing…. Independence day has arrived!


In years past I would have had to suffer through being in a large crowd watching an endlessly long parade. Because one or both kids wanted to go or were participating in it. But not this year! The Wonder Twins are both adults now and working. So I get to indulge my introvert side and skip the parade in favor of kitty snuggles and another nap.

In years past I would have planned for weeks a menu to fulfill all the summer cravings of the family and any guests we may have. But not this year! Since the Wonder Twins are now old enough to legally drink we decided to save money on the menu, going with basic hot dogs and hamburgers, and invest our capital in what really counts… Jello shots!

Finally, I get to enjoy the drunken fourth of July celebration I missed during the “college years” because I was too busy being a mom!

In years past we lived in places where it was illegal to set off fireworks. So we would walk down to the beach and watch the town’s fireworks extravaganza. But not this… oh wait, actually that part is still the same. While some fireworks are allowed where we live we are so used to that not being the case we prefer to keep with tradition and watch others play with the colorful fire. From a safe distance… and with boozy jello.

Now I am sure the cat will have me paying for the transgressions of this day… if she ever comes out of the closet. But in the mean time I plan to make the most of this time with family & friends. Enjoying cheap food, sparkly fire, and lots of wiggly jiggly booze!

Wishing you all a happy and safe Fourth of July!!

Space needle fireworks-1149602_1280

XoX, m.



You call it binge watching. I call it catching up with old friends… Challenge post #3

Day #3 Last show you binge watched?

Hmm, this is more difficult to answer than I thought it would be. Lately I seem to binge watch everything!

At the beginning of this year we decided to cut the cable cord. After years of watching our bill go up in price, while our channel selection went down, and having to deal with the rudeness that oozed from their customer service department when ever we questioned it. We decided that for the handful of shows we actually watched it just wasn’t worth it anymore. So, when my sons informed me that we could watch most of fave shows on Netflix & Hulu for way less. I called up the cable company and told them to close my account and come collect their equipment. We were done!

I have to admit, I was a little worried at first. Since I work from home and the Wonder Twins are busy young adults, I am alone in the house a lot. If there is one thing I cannot stand, it’s a silent house. It just creeps me out! So  I usually use the T.V. for ambient noise. I wasn’t too sure if I could use Hulu and Netflix to achieve the same effect. (Yeah, I know. Evan I was rolling my eyes while I typed that one.)

Some shows I turn on just for the background noise. Those are usually shows I have already seen like Grey’s Anatomy, Frasier, or The Good Wife. I can let them play in the background while I work to fill the silence, and since I have already seen them before I am not as tempted to stop and watch.

Wait a minute. If I am listening to them more than watching them, can it even count as binge watching?

Of course there have been those times when I stumbled upon an old show I was too busy raising kids to watch when originally aired on cable. Like The West Wing, Gossip Girl, or Ally McBeal. Or maybe a new show that I wouldn’t have even known about, had I stuck with my boring old cable. Like Orange is the New Black or Shameless!! Well okay, Shameless is actually on Showtime. But I had no idea because I refused to pay the inflated rates to the cable company for it. So that one doesn’t count.

Now these shows I definitely binge watch!

It starts with a seemingly innocent plan of, “I’ll just watch one or two episodes while I wait for the laundry to dry.” Next thing I know the sun is coming up, my ass is numb, and the house is falling apart around me. I have no clue what day it is or even the last time it was that I blinked. But I will inevitably hear myself say, “maybe just one more episode.”

So what was the last show you binge watched? Leave a comment and let me know. I am always looking for a good excuse not to adult.



Start & Stop… Challenge Posts #1 and #2

Day #1 One thing that you need to start doing.

Day #2 One thing that you need to stop doing.

Typical I create the challenge, fire the starting pistol and immediately wandered off in the opposite direction.

I thought about writing my post yesterday. Honest! I even spent most of my rinse and repeat shower routine thinking of all the things I wanted to start doing. But like that kid on the soccer field who wanders after a butterfly instead of the ball, I went online and wandered off into the void instead of actually writing the post.

Not again. Not today. Today I will start writing more posts, and I will stop procrastinating & doubting my way right past that Publish button! One of the biggest reasons I wanted to do this challenge, was to help my find my blogging voice. Something I have struggled with from the beginning. Because when it comes time to click the Publish button I just can’t seem to do it. The voices of doubt and fear start to get louder and I allow them to drown me out.

Well not anymore!

From now on I will ignore the meows from the cats of Instagram. I will walk right past that trail of candy leading over to Twitter. I will even duct tape the mouths of family over on Facebook. (Okay, this one I might already do. What? It’s not like I pinch their noses at the same time.)

That’s right, until the blog posts have been written I will ignore the shiny enticements of the internet. And when it comes time to push that Publish button I am gonna put the headphones in and crank the music up, to drown out the fear & doubt so I can click that publish button more often!

I can feel it, the shift from blogging wannabe to regular blogger it’s about to happen. Ooh look  Epic Meal Time has a new video up on YouTube…. Baby steps, people. Baby steps.





31 Day Blogging Jump Start Challenge… Whose in??

Blogging challenge - July 2016

At the suggestion of my friend, writer & fellow blogging newbie Crystal, I have decided to create and do a Post-A-Day blogging challenge for the month of July. The hope is that it will be the push I need to stop working on my excuses for why I don’t post regularly and start actually hitting that publish button with some frequency. A chance to finally start breathing some life into this little blog of mine.

Unfortunately, Crystal will be hunkered down in her editing hide-away for the month and won’t be able to take part this time around. So it looks like I am just gonna have to pull up my big girl panties and do this one on my own. Unless of course any of you would like to join me in this challenge. Whether it’s for all  thirty-one or just a post or two, I would be happy to have the company! You can find the complete list of daily challenge prompts here, Blogging Jump Start Challenge – July 2016.

Now if you’ll excuse me I am off to find my big girl panties and a really big cup of courage coffee!






Here’s a list I never thought I would write

I have always been a list maker. “To-do” list, “shopping” list, “play” list for the iPod, even a “hit” list (just kidding… or am I?). But for the longest  time I have avoided writing a “bucket” list. When I was younger even just entertaining the idea of making a list of things to do before I died was closer to contemplating  my mortality than I wanted to get.

Of course now that I have survived the Wonder Twins entire childhood, a second divorce and my own 40th birthday, so I’m feeling pretty invincible. Maybe I should try skydiving. Umm, on second thought maybe not. (I’m getting vertigo just thinking about it.) But next to the idea of hurling myself out of a plane and plummeting back to earth just for funsies, the thought of having an organized list of things to do while I decide if I really wanna grow up or not, doesn’t seem all that daunting.  Besides it might be kind of nice to have a list of things I would like to do, instead of only ever having lists of things I have to do.

While I am still not wild about the implications of “bucket list,” I have gathered up all the sticky notes with ideas of things I wanted to one day do, and complied them into list form. (Which you can find Here)  Since I promised my sons I would try not to “kick the bucket” for at least another 100 years (Yeah, I know, not really a realistic promise to make. But hey, what are they gonna do if I fail, huh?) But I have decided to call it my “Ultimate To-Do” List, rather than “Bucket” list.

Now before you skip off to the kitchen to refill your mug tell me… what are some of the things you would put on your “Ultimate To-Do” list?




Blog Post #3

I woke up with an overwhelming urge to blog. (Yeah, the cat was pretty shocked too.) But I just knew today would be the day that I actually started posting to the blog that I all but abandoned a year ago.

In the shower I composed a post that would herald my triumphant return to my beloved blog. It was an eloquent blend of profound insight and coffee stained sarcasm. But alas it was not meant to shared with you. For it was blown right out of my mind by the ion charged air from my hair dryer.

Devastated, as I’m sure you are, I have halfheartedly gone about my day hoping for even a glimmer of the brilliance that was my shower post. While I still have not regained the short-lived brilliance that was this mornings shower post, I did manage to add 20 new items to my to-do list, suck down 2 Venti, extra hot Cinnamon Dolce Lattes, and buy the cutest pair of sneakers online. Oh, and I did refrain from “Gibbs slapping” everybody who annoyed me. (I should get bonus points for displaying that level of self-control) Plus there is the added bonus of this slightly less than brilliant post. So, I guess this day hasn’t been a total loss.

Now before you close your laptop and shuffle off to your blanket fort to mourn the post you will never get to read remember this… the calories won’t count if you eat your child’s Easter candy in the bathtub.