Blog Post #3

I woke up with an overwhelming urge to blog. (Yeah, the cat was pretty shocked too.) But I just knew today would be the day that I actually started posting to the blog that I all but abandoned a year ago.

In the shower I composed a post that would herald my triumphant return to my beloved blog. It was an eloquent blend of profound insight and coffee stained sarcasm. But alas it was not meant to shared with you. For it was blown right out of my mind by the ion charged air from my hair dryer.

Devastated, as I’m sure you are, I have halfheartedly gone about my day hoping for even a glimmer of the brilliance that was my shower post. While I still have not regained the short-lived brilliance that was this mornings shower post, I did manage to add 20 new items to my to-do list, suck down 2 Venti, extra hot Cinnamon Dolce Lattes, and buy the cutest pair of sneakers online. Oh, and I did refrain from “Gibbs slapping” everybody who annoyed me. (I should get bonus points for displaying that level of self-control) Plus there is the added bonus of this slightly less than brilliant post. So, I guess this day hasn’t been a total loss.

Now before you close your laptop and shuffle off to your blanket fort to mourn the post you will never get to read remember this… the calories won’t count if you eat your child’s Easter candy in the bathtub.





3 thoughts on “Blog Post #3

  1. N. says:

    I’m definitely mourning the loss of the greatest blog post there ever was, but this one was pretty good too 😝
    And yes, not managing to Gibbs slap annoying people? Definitely deserve a prize for that!


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