Here’s a list I never thought I would write

I have always been a list maker. “To-do” list, “shopping” list, “play” list for the iPod, even a “hit” list (just kidding… or am I?). But for the longest  time I have avoided writing a “bucket” list. When I was younger even just entertaining the idea of making a list of things to do before I died was closer to contemplating  my mortality than I wanted to get.

Of course now that I have survived the Wonder Twins entire childhood, a second divorce and my own 40th birthday, so I’m feeling pretty invincible. Maybe I should try skydiving. Umm, on second thought maybe not. (I’m getting vertigo just thinking about it.) But next to the idea of hurling myself out of a plane and plummeting back to earth just for funsies, the thought of having an organized list of things to do while I decide if I really wanna grow up or not, doesn’t seem all that daunting.  Besides it might be kind of nice to have a list of things I would like to do, instead of only ever having lists of things I have to do.

While I am still not wild about the implications of “bucket list,” I have gathered up all the sticky notes with ideas of things I wanted to one day do, and complied them into list form. (Which you can find Here)  Since I promised my sons I would try not to “kick the bucket” for at least another 100 years (Yeah, I know, not really a realistic promise to make. But hey, what are they gonna do if I fail, huh?) But I have decided to call it my “Ultimate To-Do” List, rather than “Bucket” list.

Now before you skip off to the kitchen to refill your mug tell me… what are some of the things you would put on your “Ultimate To-Do” list?





3 thoughts on “Here’s a list I never thought I would write

  1. krisstarwriter says:

    I always had a “Love List” as a teen/20 year old. Things I would like to do with someone I love. The list consist of things like “Dancing on the Beach” and “Pancakes in Bed”. I have only done one of those. I think I might tackle this idea for a few days. And maybe a smaller one – a one year goal list. After all, we are both trying to get out of our closests!

    Time to ask the question: What do I want to do in life?


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