31 Day Blogging Jump Start Challenge… Whose in??

Blogging challenge - July 2016

At the suggestion of my friend, writer & fellow blogging newbie Crystal, I have decided to create and do a Post-A-Day blogging challenge for the month of July. The hope is that it will be the push I need to stop working on my excuses for why I don’t post regularly and start actually hitting that publish button with some frequency. A chance to finally start breathing some life into this little blog of mine.

Unfortunately, Crystal will be hunkered down in her editing hide-away for the month and won’t be able to take part this time around. So it looks like I am just gonna have to pull up my big girl panties and do this one on my own. Unless of course any of you would like to join me in this challenge. Whether it’s for all  thirty-one or just a post or two, I would be happy to have the company! You can find the complete list of daily challenge prompts here, Blogging Jump Start Challenge – July 2016.

Now if you’ll excuse me I am off to find my big girl panties and a really big cup of courage coffee!







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