Start & Stop… Challenge Posts #1 and #2

Day #1 One thing that you need to start doing.

Day #2 One thing that you need to stop doing.

Typical I create the challenge, fire the starting pistol and immediately wandered off in the opposite direction.

I thought about writing my post yesterday. Honest! I even spent most of my rinse and repeat shower routine thinking of all the things I wanted to start doing. But like that kid on the soccer field who wanders after a butterfly instead of the ball, I went online and wandered off into the void instead of actually writing the post.

Not again. Not today. Today I will start writing more posts, and I will stop procrastinating & doubting my way right past that Publish button! One of the biggest reasons I wanted to do this challenge, was to help my find my blogging voice. Something I have struggled with from the beginning. Because when it comes time to click the Publish button I just can’t seem to do it. The voices of doubt and fear start to get louder and I allow them to drown me out.

Well not anymore!

From now on I will ignore the meows from the cats of Instagram. I will walk right past that trail of candy leading over to Twitter. I will even duct tape the mouths of family over on Facebook. (Okay, this one I might already do. What? It’s not like I pinch their noses at the same time.)

That’s right, until the blog posts have been written I will ignore the shiny enticements of the internet. And when it comes time to push that Publish button I am gonna put the headphones in and crank the music up, to drown out the fear & doubt so I can click that publish button more often!

I can feel it, the shift from blogging wannabe to regular blogger it’s about to happen. Ooh look  Epic Meal Time has a new video up on YouTube…. Baby steps, people. Baby steps.






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