Happy Fourth of July!… Challenge Post #4

Day #4 Patriotic. Independence.

The neighbors have been drinking and setting shit on fire since about 10 a.m.

The cat is in the closet, whining and probably plotting my demise.

This can only mean one thing…. Independence day has arrived!


In years past I would have had to suffer through being in a large crowd watching an endlessly long parade. Because one or both kids wanted to go or were participating in it. But not this year! The Wonder Twins are both adults now and working. So I get to indulge my introvert side and skip the parade in favor of kitty snuggles and another nap.

In years past I would have planned for weeks a menu to fulfill all the summer cravings of the family and any guests we may have. But not this year! Since the Wonder Twins are now old enough to legally drink we decided to save money on the menu, going with basic hot dogs and hamburgers, and invest our capital in what really counts… Jello shots!

Finally, I get to enjoy the drunken fourth of July celebration I missed during the “college years” because I was too busy being a mom!

In years past we lived in places where it was illegal to set off fireworks. So we would walk down to the beach and watch the town’s fireworks extravaganza. But not this… oh wait, actually that part is still the same. While some fireworks are allowed where we live we are so used to that not being the case we prefer to keep with tradition and watch others play with the colorful fire. From a safe distance… and with boozy jello.

Now I am sure the cat will have me paying for the transgressions of this day… if she ever comes out of the closet. But in the mean time I plan to make the most of this time with family & friends. Enjoying cheap food, sparkly fire, and lots of wiggly jiggly booze!

Wishing you all a happy and safe Fourth of July!!

Space needle fireworks-1149602_1280

XoX, m.




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