Wordless Wednesday… Almost

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Old Fashioned Blogging


I originally posted a version of this on one of my old blogs, but thought it fit this blog better.  So a few tweaks in Photoshop and voila, my first Wordless Wednesday (almost) post on my new blog! 🙂




Hello Bloggy World!

Greetings and salutations! My name is MaryAnna, although I have spent my entire adult life answering to Ma, Mama or Mommy. I am divorced, 40-ish, and a retired stay-at-home mom who is simply trying to answer the question: what now?

While I have dipped my toes into the shallow end of the blogging pool a few times over the years; I always seem to abandon it after only a few posts. Siting (okay fine, whining about) all the reasons why not to continue. Never allowing myself the time to learn, to connect with others, and ultimately find my blogging voice. Lucky for me, unlike parenting, blogging does come with a how-to manual (or a thousand). Since I really have nothing to lose and much to gain, I’ve decided to take another shot at grabbing my slice of the blogging pie.

Mmmm, pie!

Ooh pie AND coffee! Even better!!

Wait, what was I saying? Oh right, why I’m blogging…

I am hoping that through this process I will find the answers to what happens after the divorce is final, the kids are all grown up, and how to start living after 40. In other words how to fill the hours in between cat staffing duties. I also hope to provide you, my readers, with an excuse to linger a little longer with your morning coffee, laugh out loud, or just make you go “huh.”

I sincerely hope that you will grab yourself another cup of coffee, put your feet up and read along as I embark on this blogging adventure!